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Dragon Keeper
« on: April 22, 2016, 12:50:15 AM »
:chroma creature? Effect: if you have a dragon on the field, instances enter the field without summoning sickness

Obvious synergy with Disc & Cell. Nymphs probably still prefer SoR. Maybe Graboid? Needs to cost enough that it slows a deck down more than no summoning sickness graboids would speed a deck up. Maybe Byt. Goose, especially if it triggers on transformations


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Re: Dragon Keeper
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2017, 05:55:02 PM »
Pivoting as a set:

:chroma 2/0 spell, target dragon becomes nymph, or target nymph becomes dragon

:entropy dragons come into play with mutant abilities

:death perm, costs -1/-2: when a dragon dies, shuffle a bone dragon into your deck

:gravity spell, costs 8/6: convert all quanta to element of target dragon (?)

:earth perm, ??

:life spell, costs 2/1: target a dragon, summon a dragon egg with ability costing 2 of target's element 'become a dragon'

:fire creature, costs 4/4 2|2 3|3 ability 'dragon breath' 3/2: if you have a dragon on the field, deal 2|3 damage to target creature & 1 to its allies

:water spell, ??

:light creature 1/1 or 8/8, target dragon becomes light producing. Light producing dragons something something ??

:air ??

:time spell costs 2/1: draw a dragon. Or maybe sacrifice dragon, shuffle 2 copies back into deck, draw 3 dragons

:darkness spell, costs 5/3: sacrifice a dragon, heal to full, then gain sacrifice status until your next turn (?)

:aether creature costs 7/7 5|5? / 7|6?: while you have a dragon on the field, instances don't enter with summoning sickness
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