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Challenge account modes and alts menu

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Now you can play OETG challenge modes!

We've just added an "Alts" menu into the "Miscellaneous" section in the lower middle area of the main menu. This is a new feature that will allow you to create sub-accounts under your main account using a variety of restrictions and challenges. It's a powerful tool that will hopefully be expanded in the future to allow for many more ways to play, game modes, events, and tournaments, but for now, we are launching with just a small handful of challenge modes available.

Today, there are five types of challenge mode/sub-account available: Spins-only self-found, Spins-only league, Spins-only hard self-found, Spins-only hard league, and Custom. Custom will allow you to experiment with your own challenges through combining a number of possible restrictions, and for now it should be considered fully experimental (though everything currently available should work). Most flags should hopefully be fairly self-explanatory and just restrict various main menu options, but please let us know if you're curious about the details of anything in particular.

The premade challenge modes are all disable Shop, which means that money is useless except to pay the entrance fees for AI battles & upgrade pillars. You can use your starter cards, open your starter packs, use oracle cards, and use anything you can win from quests. But besides that, all of your non-pillar cards will need to come from the free card spin after an AI battle.

Two of the premade challenges are "Self Found", and two are "League". Both "League" challenges will place you into a league with all other players who have selected that exact challenge. Participants in the same league challenge mode can trade with other participants in exactly the same league challenge mode, but not with regular accounts or other challenges. Both "Self Found" challenges truly require you to use only what you can find, since trading is fully prohibited.

Finally, two of the premade challenges are described as "Hard". In these variants, upgrading non-pillars is disabled (can still spin upgraded cards), and when you lose, the AI gets to spin a card to take from your deck.

To create a challenge account, go to the Alts menu from the main menu and press "Create" at the bottom. Pick a name, pick an element, pick a challenge, and you're ready to go. You can swap freely between your main account and your challenge alts at the top of the Alt menu.

The challenge modes themselves are fairly straightforward right now, but the feature itself can do a number of things, and we hope to expand it in the future. Not every part of it is fully described in this post, and please let us know if you run into anything strange or if there's anything you can't figure out. More soon.

See you in the leagues!
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So, caveats/details:

Arena can be played against by any account (besides custom no-battle, which is there in case we want to do some kind of draft event), but it's only populated by mains

Bazaar is only available to mains. But since bazaar is basically a tradebot that's okay, get involved in player-player trade & post some WTB/WTS (want to buy / want to sell) in #openetg-trades on discord
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tried some of this and

- no shop challenge + no upgrade is unbearable, no idea how many months u need to progress. I did 50 matches and no progress at all, probably still the same with 500 or 5000. Too much cards in oetg to be only get by a random drop system, the more i think about it and maybe is not months but years.
- any challenge with the shop is pretty much oetg, no big deal
- shop and no upgrade is cool at the beginning until u realize u need to drop upgrades, and it will take forever
- the lose a card challenge is cool even if with the shop is no big deal at all, with no shop is autodelete the alt

it would be cool to encourage people to play arena in alt mode and not the champions or demigods. In this case more arena battles, more decks posted, more everything. Like lower the cost of the arena or higher electrum rewards
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