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oetg-v is now integrated into oetg


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Spoiler for see second post for up to date info:
So oetg-v has always been a pain to maintain because it took the middle of the road, both mostly copying any code it wanted changed, but then still tapping into oetg for things (misc files it didn't need to change, server)

I've merged three commits to oetg:

This seemed easier than going through the painful process of once again reimplementing things until it starts working again. It's still pretty broken since I only did enough to get our sparse set of unit tests passing. eg I noticed in a test game that Steal didn't give me the opponent's weapon

oetg-v can be now accessed by choosing the "Original" set in an oetg custom game. The lobby ui needs work. Right now it's particularly bad in that the host will have to paste in deck codes. Also deck codes will have to be in oetg's format. I intend to eventually add conversion support, it's not too hard to notice the difference in code

PS I've removed Cygnia things. If anyone wants to patch it back together they can go digging in the repo history & host it themselves. There's also Zblader's fork which was the code until I merged it in tree
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So I kinda took awhile to get back to this

http://testetg.dek.im this is live

At the bottom there's a Legacy button, it let's you play a mode like original game. Lots of bugs still. Known issues:
  • No flooding graphic, flooding graphic should show stage 1/2, stage 1/2 needs to be implemented, I think stage 1/2 is implemented but haven't tested
  • Freeze/Delay isn't on slot rather than weapon, ie in original playing a weapon over a frozen weapon should keep the new weapon frozen
  • Aflatoxin gives upped Malignant Cells for upped creatures
  • Adrenaline with hammer/bow should calculate without the +1 buff
  • Marks don't stack on player's mark
  • Discord scrambles when opponent only has 1 quanta, in original it doesn't

Spoiler for fixed:
  • GPull shouldn't block weapons
  • Stealing a weapon or shield moves it to a permanent slot
  • Poison timing is wrong
  • RT is just kill
  • Shields are all dimshields or something
  • Quanta cap is 99
  • Graboid is 1|3, burrow doesn't have rounding errors
  • Mutant actives for some reason cause AI to throw undefined/null errors
  • Chimera's floating at top left of screen
  • Voodoo didn't delay weapon when BB'd
  • Mutant transform buff is 1 greater than it should be, grants oetg skill rather than -v version
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